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Dance With the Dancers

This classical ballet class includes barre technique plus choreographic variations "inspired by" ballets in the repertory of NYCB. Esteemed instructors include current and former NYCB members Andrew Scordato, Gilbert Bolden III, Brittany Pollack, and David Prottas. $10 per class. Dates TBA. Pre-registration required.

Cardio + Intervals

A complete workout for all ability levels. Low Impact aerobic combinations for the 1st 30 minutes followed by alternating segments of cardio with body sculpting in the ratio of 3 min. : 1.5 min. Please bring a mat, a set of weights and a dyna band. Choreographic modifications and variations will be demonstrated to fit all fitness level participants.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fast-paced class that challenges participants with timed segments of high intensity work/recovery. The number of seconds in each timed segment can vary from ratios of 20:10 or 30:15 depending upon the difficulty level of the exercise. Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT) takes participants through high, medium and low intensity phases.

Core de Ballet

A classical ballet class designed for non-dancers and beginner ballet participants. Includes a standing warmup and technique at the barre/chair followed by a short movement combination in the center inspired by world-famous ballets. Includes ballet vocabulary and movement modifications.  Fitness attire and ballet slippers are recommended. Limited 5 class series: Dec. 2, 9, 16, Jan. 6, 13.

Gentle (Chair) Yoga

This gentle yoga class offers a variety of poses and stretches that can be performed standing or seated. Each exercise concentrates on inhalation/exhalation to ease movement. This practice will bring balance and well-being to your body, mind and spirit by lowering stress, increasing muscular strength and enhancing flexibility. Bring a chair and yoga mat to aid with balance and stability. Bare feet suggested.

Upper Cut

A low impact, high intensity kickboxing class that focuses on upper body combinations to increase cardiovascular endurance without jumps or kicks. Every combination puts muscle behind the movement to work the core while standing. The class ends with a short sculpting segment that strengthens the less-worked muscles (mid-back, spinal erectors, triceps) and stretches the primary muscles worked (chest, biceps, calves).


A barefooted low impact CARDIO workout that combines fitness, ballet and standing Pilates. It will leave you strong, centered and flexible from the ground up. The format includes a warmup, simple phrases, combination and complete phrases, Allegro, Encore and Curtain Call segments. Bring a yoga mat. Bare feet are suggested. 


45 minutes of step choreography that will have you moving up, down, across and diagonally in easy-to-follow fun patterns. Modified combos will be offered to beginners.

Beginner Pilates

Core stabilization exercises based on the work of Joseph Pilates that focus on 6 principles: breath, concentration, flow, centering, control and precision. Modifications will be offered for beginners. Pilates is perfect for those who enjoy ballet workouts. NYCB co-founder George Balanchine and modern dance choreographer Martha Graham sent dancers to Pilates to improve their strength and rehab their injuries. Bring a yoga mat and dyna band.

Cardio + Core

40 minutes of high intensity, low impact choreography that keeps you moving as you build cardiovascular endurance. Modifications for easier-to-follow variations will be offered. The class will end with a 20 minute HIIT section that focuses on core strength.

Barre Sculpt

A ballet-inspired body sculpting class that uses a barre or chair as a prop to improve balance, muscular endurance, coordination, core/pelvic/shoulder stabilization, grace, fluidity and an appreciation for the athleticism of ballet. No ballet experience necessary. Light weights, a mat, and dyna band are suggested. 

Chair Yoga Flow

A gentle, seated (mostly), yoga class that incorporates all the elements of a traditional flow class: breathing exercises, yoga poses, and an ending relaxation. It can be an enjoyable addition to anyone's practice. Bring a chair and yoga mat to aid with balance and stability. Bare feet and fitness attire are suggested.

The Ageless Dancer

A beginner ballet class for older adults in which participants hold onto a ballet barre in order to improve balance, coordination, core strength and pelvic stabilization. Its gentle movements done in a standing position decrease the incidence of vertigo and balance issues while building bone density. No ballet experience is necessary. Fitness attire and ballet slippers are recommended. 

Pilates Mat: TBT87

Core stabilization exercises based on the principles of Joseph Pilates: breath, concentration, flow, centering, control & precision. Variations will be offered to accommodate both beginners & intermediate students. Pilates is a complementary workout for those who enjoy yoga or ballet. Bring a yoga mat & dyna band. A Pilates ring is optional. Bare feet are suggested. Pilates with Weights is offered once a month TBA.

Intermediate Pilates

A more intense execution of the exercises based on the work of Joseph Pilates. Combines both basic and multi-level options. Uses a variety of props. For clients with at least 2 years of experience. Bring a yoga mat.

Barre: Strength & Flex

This class combines the core conditioning of Pilates, the flexibility improvements of yoga, and the stability and strength gains of fitness and ballet. Bring a 2-5 lb. set of hand weights and a yoga mat. Foot attire includes bare feet or ballet slippers. For all levels.

Cardio Kickboxing

A total body workout designed to improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance with a variety of kickboxing combos to work your upper/lower body, core and heart. Both continuous and interval formats will be used to mix things up. 

Just Cardio

Cardiovascular endurance for 60 consecutive minutes for all level participants. Part 1 begins with a yoga/fitness blended warmup followed by low impact cardio combos. Part 2's hi/low impact moves are followed by a cooldown that includes balance work.

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